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MAX EASTON Paradise Estate. Reviewed by Paul Anderson

Posted on 1 May 2024 in Fiction |

The disparate residents of the sharehouse at the heart of Max Easton’s second novel reveal a microcosm of Australia’s housing crisis. New Year’s Eve 2022 bookends this social novel set in Sydney, in which good nature and resilience are demonstrated...

KEVIN JARED HOSEIN Hungry Ghosts. Reviewed by Ann Skea

Posted on 24 Apr 2024 in Fiction |

Kevin Jared Hosein’s debut novel is both a mystery story and a window into the lives of Caribbean indentured labourers and their families. The place is Trinidad, ‘sometime in the 1940s’.  Four boys ventured to the river bank to perform a blood...

MIRANDA DARLING Thunderhead. Reviewed by Ann Skea

Posted on 16 Apr 2024 in Fiction |

Miranda Darling deploys all the voices in her protagonist’s head to reveal a fraught relationship in this allusive novella. Winona Dalloway, like Mrs Dalloway in Virginia Woolf’s novel of that name, often finds herself ‘lilting between observing...