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Posted on 28 Jan 2015 in Giveaways & Quizzes |

Summer Reading Giveaway #5

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This draw is now closed. Congratulations to the winner, Jenny Snell from Greigs Flat, NSW.

the-world-to-comeEds Patrick West and Om Prakesh Dwivedi The World to Come

This collection of SF stories from all over the world is ‘… an incredibly diverse exploration of the themes of Science Fiction: future sex, alternate history, racism, procreation and energy.’ – Kaaron Warren

Courtesy of Spineless Wonders

deathfugueSheng Keyi Death Fugue

In a large tower in the centre of Beiping a huge tower of excrement appears. This novel about contemporary China re-imagines the events around Tiananmen Square as an allegory. ‘… one of China’s upcoming star literary novelists …’ – Wall Street Journal

Courtesy of Giramondo 

themistakeWendy James The Mistake

A suspenseful novel about adoption, a murder enquiry and a witch hunt. ‘Wendy James takes the media clichés and turns them around, showing what it might be like for a mother accused of murdering her child – and for her family …’ – Linda Funnell in NRB

Courtesy of Penguin

the-signature-of-all-thingsElizabeth Gilbert The Signature of All Things

This novel encompasses the globe as it tells the story of Amy Whittaker, a woman of the Enlightened Age who stands on the cusp of the modern. ‘A writer of incandescent talent.’ – Annie Proulx

Courtesy of Bloomsbury