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Posted on 23 Nov 2018 in Giveaways & Quizzes |

Spring Fever 2018 Giveaway #6

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Four more terrific books to win in our spring giveaway. To go in the draw to win all four, simply email with ‘Spring 6′ in the subject line and your name and address in the body of the email by midnight tonight, Friday 23 November 2018. As we cannot afford to post giveaway bundles overseas, entries from Australian residents only please.

Don Watson There it is Again: Collected writings

From birds, to love letters, imagined apologies, mind-numbing management-speak, Oscar Wilde, Anzac Day, strange people and racehorses, in this collection of his writing Don Watson brings his distinctive voice and way of seeing to a host of deserving subjects … At the heart of all of his work is the belief that, more than just about anything else – more even than free markets or lifestyle choices – in a civilised society words matter. Bernard Whimpress said in his review for NRB: ‘… it is an enormous pleasure to have these pieces gathered together between two covers.’

Courtesy of Penguin Random House


Marion May Campbell The Man on the Mantelpiece: A memoir

During a 1952 electric storm off Wattamolla, New South Wales. a waterspout drew in the CSIRO Cloud Physics Dakota aircraft, atomising all those aboard, including the writer’s father. Or did it? When his living body has disappeared, what to make of the uniformed man on the mantelpiece?

Sometimes it seems that fateful scenarios, including Cold War conspiracies and ill-conceived scientific projects, converge on the man on the mantelpiece; but at times of grace he steps down to resume the dance with the living.

Courtesy of UWA Publishing


Christoffer Carlsson The Thin Blue Line

Detective Leo Junker thought he’d crossed his last line. But he’s never learned to say no. So when an escaped criminal he knows all too well hands him a photo of a murdered prostitute, he reopens the cold case as a favour. Everyone’s busy and everyone’s got better things to do, but is there a darker reason for Angelica Reyes’s death languishing unsolved for five years? The reckoning may come too late – not only for Angelica Reyes, but for everyone. – ‘If you want chills in the middle of summer …’ – Elle

Courtesy of Scribe


Kate Tempest The Bricks that Built the Houses

Becky, Harry, and Leon are leaving London in a fourth-hand Ford with a suitcase full of stolen money and a mess of tangled loyalties. But can they truly leave the city that’s in their bones? This is an unexpected love story about being young, about how we become ourselves, and how we effect our futures.

‘Tempest’s prose slaps and bullies, rich with metaphor and the rhythm of rap.’ – Sydney Morning Herald

Courtesy of Bloomsbury


Remember, to go in the draw to win these four books, email with ‘Spring 6’ in the subject line and your name and address in the body of the email by midnight tonight, Friday 23 November 2018.