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TRACY RYAN The Queen’s Apprenticeship. Reviewed by Ann Skea

Posted on 13 Mar 2024 in Fiction |

Tracy Ryan’s latest novel evokes the social divisions of sixteenth-century France and the stories of two independent-minded women. In The Queen’s Apprenticeship, Tracy Ryan tells the stories of two women. One, Jehane/Josse, the daughter of a...

IAIN RYAN The Strip. Reviewed by Ben Ford Smith

Posted on 12 Mar 2024 in Crime Scene, Fiction |

The new novel from the author of The Spiral and The Student delivers a noir excursion into the underbelly of the Gold Coast in the 1980s. Steeped in corruption, incompetence, and alcohol, 1980s Queensland seems like the perfect setting for a...

SUSAN McCREERY All the Unloved. Reviewed by Ann Skea

Posted on 7 Mar 2024 in Fiction |

Susan McCreery’s novel recounts the lives of the residents of a block of flats in 1990s Bondi and the complexities of love. A few short sentences and a scene is set, a mood caught, a character revealed: all this is beautifully done. Then short...

AYESHA INOON Untethered. Reviewed by Ann Skea

Posted on 29 Feb 2024 in Fiction |

Winner of the the ASA/HQ Fiction Prize, Ayesha Inoon’s debut novel explores the experience of moving from Sri Lanka to Australia. It was the silence that she noticed first. As they drove, Canberra unfolded in a series of stunning panoramas … The...