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Posted on 15 Jul 2015 in Giveaways & Quizzes |

Midwinter Giveaway 2015

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gallery-thumbnails.phpThis draw is now closed. Congratulations to our winner – Chris Maher from Sydney!

wildbleakbohemiaMichael Wilding: Wild Bleak Bohemia: Marcus Clarke, Adam Lindsay Gordon and Henry Kendall

Wild Bleak Bohemia revolves around the meeting in Melbourne of Marcus Clarke, Adam Lindsay Gordon and Henry Kendall in 1868-70. It covers the early and later years of the three writers. It is ‘a remarkable exercise in Australian literary history and it is hard to think of another work which compares with it in scope and depth.’ – Paul de Serville NRB

Courtesy of Australian Scholarly Publishing

unbrokenlineAlex Hammond: The Unbroken Line

‘This is action-based crime fiction set in the legal world, not courtroom drama … The generational grasp for control, the way that privilege can sometimes breed such brazen contempt, and the conflict that arises when the line between right and wrong becomes very thin are all explored.’ – Karen Chisholm NRB

Courtesy of Penguin Australia

vanessaPriya Parmar: Vanessa and Her Sister

This novel explores the relationship between Virginia Woolf and her sister Vanessa Bell. As tragedy and betrayal threaten, Vanessa must choose whether to to protect Virginia’s happiness or her own. ‘… a powerful new voice in historical fiction…’  – Philippa Gregory

Courtesy of Bloomsbury

abyssniancontortionistDavid Carlin: The Abyssinian Contortionist: Hope, friendship and other circus acts 

‘A biography like no other, The Abyssinian Contortionist is an unfalteringly clever work of creative non-fiction in which the author serves not only as the narrator, but also as a welcome guest …More than that, this is the story of an amazing life; the history of a friendship that will leave you awed and inspired.’ – Michelle McLaren NRB

Courtesy of UWA Publishing