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Posted on 23 Sep 2022 in Giveaways & Quizzes |

Spring 2022 Giveaway #5

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Welcome to our fifth and final spring giveaway for 2022

One last fabulous bundle of books to win in our series of spring giveaways. To go in the draw to win all four of the titles below, simply email with ‘Spring 5′ in the subject line and your name and address in the body of the email by midnight tonight, Friday 23 September 2022. As we cannot afford to post giveaway bundles overseas, entries from Australian residents only please.

Hayley Scrivenor Dirt Town

Esther Bianchi was 12 years old when she went missing in the small Australian town of Durton. Esther’s best friend Ronnie is determined to find her. Lewis will help. But Lewis can’t reveal what he saw that afternoon at the creek without exposing his own secret.

‘A heart-wrenching mystery, Hayley Scrivenor’s remarkable sense of place brings Dirt Town to life. A stellar debut.’ – Jane Harper

‘Masterful. Australian crime has a new star.’ – Chris Hammer

Courtesy of Pan Macmillan

Ashley Goldberg Abomination

Melbourne, 1999: Ezra and Yonatan are best friends whose lives are forever changed when their school, the ultra-Orthodox Jewish Yahel Academy is rocked by a scandal. Twenty years later, they are reunited by chance and the events of their past and present collide with devastating consequences.

Reviewer Robert Goodman wrote: ‘Goldberg delves into a small corner of Australian society that will be unfamiliar to many and uses two engagingly flawed characters to tackle some thorny religious and philosophical ideas … a brave, challenging and important debut.’

Courtesy of Penguin Random House

Sally Piper Bone Memories

The third novel from the author of The Geography of Friendship. Even though 16 years have passed, Billie will never recover from the murder of her daughter. Daniel, who was a toddler when his mother was killed, can recall little of what happened but knows if he’s to have any chance of a better future he needs to move on from that defining event – if only his grandmother would let hm.

Bone Memories is a powerful exploration of conflicts, common ground, and whit it means to own our stories.’ – Holly Ringland

Courtesy of UQP

Robyne Young Single Shots

The new collection of stories from the author of the Only Constant. A 21-year-old Australian art student in London with a secret … a retirement home resident facing the tyrant of time … a guitar pining for quieter rhythms …an athlete and mother wondering where her finish line is … a woman contemplating the bed she’s made and whether she has to lie in it.

Robyne Young’s stories explore the state of singledom in its many forms. From country Australia in the early part of the 20th century to London in the 1960s, and the Tokyo Olympics.

‘She has a rare skill of conveying a story with a simple and beautiful economy of words.’ Alice Pung on The Only Constant

Courtesy of Robyne Young

Don’t forget, to go in the draw to win all four books, simply email with ‘Spring 5′ in the subject line and your name and address in the body of the email by midnight tonight, Friday 23 September 2022.

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