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MYKAELA SAUNDERS Always Will Be. Reviewed by Robert Goodman

Posted on 27 Feb 2024 in Fiction, SFF |

Mykaela Saunders’ stories imagine a future where the connection to land and culture is central. Mykaela Saunders won an Aurealis award for her exciting and thought-provoking anthology of First Nations speculative fiction This All Come Back Now. In...

JO RICCIONI The Rising. Reviewed by Amelia Dudley

Posted on 15 Feb 2024 in Fiction, SFF |

The conclusion to Jo Riccioni’s high fantasy series The Branded Season brings Nara and her sister Osha to the Shadow City of Reis. This exciting sequel to The Branded concludes a thought-provoking and fast-paced story about two sisters finding...

LOL TOLHURST Goth: A history. Reviewed by Michael Jongen

Posted on 14 Feb 2024 in Non-Fiction |

Lol Tolhurst reflects on Goth as a post-punk cultural movement, its resonance with the Romantic era, and its enduring appeal. Lol Tolhurst’s first memoir, Cured: The tale of two imaginary boys, was his account of The Cure’s early days. Tolhurst was...