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ROBERT DESSAIX Abracadabra. Reviewed by Ann Skea

Posted on 9 Jun 2022 in Non-Fiction |

Robert Dessaix reveals his love of language and literature in these occasional pieces. Abracadabra – an ancient Aramaic spell avra kadavra (‘it will be created in words’). In his preface to these collected writings, Dessaix describes them as ‘talks...

DOUGLAS STUART Young Mungo. Reviewed by Michael Jongen

Posted on 2 Jun 2022 in Fiction |

The author of the Booker-winning Shuggie Bain returns to the streets of Glasgow in his second novel. This is a grim but compelling coming-of-age novel about a teenage boy, set over a year in Glasgow. The book opens as Mungo looks up at his mother’s...

EDWINA PRESTON Bad Art Mother. Reviewed by Annette Hughes

Posted on 26 May 2022 in Fiction |

Edwina Preston’s second novel conjures a rich portrait of the artist as a young woman. The protagonist of Bad Art Mother, Veda Gray, finds herself unable to reconcile her duty to motherhood with her duty to her inner life of the mind. Much is bound...