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Posted on 8 Nov, 2017 in Giveaways & Quizzes | 0 comments

Spring 2017 Giveaway #11

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A free book is a beautiful thing  … To go in the draw to win these four beautiful things simply email with ‘SPRING #11’ in the subject line and your name and address in the body of the email by 6pm Thursday 9 November 2017. As we cannot afford to post giveaway bundles overseas, entries from Australian residents only, please.

Sally Rooney Conversations With Friends

Frances, Bobbi, Nick and Melissa are four characters who ask each other endless questions. As their relationships unfold, in person and online, they discuss sex and friendship, art and literature, politics and gender – and one another. ‘… a novel of spine-tingling salience.’ – Sara Baume

Courtesy of Faber & Faber




Inez Baranay Local Time: A memoir of cities, friendships and the writing life

‘One last look at Europe’ — that was the idea behind a three-month trip in 2006, which led to a life of unanchored travels. New York, London, Bristol, Amsterdam, Berlin, Prague, Barcelona all have a chapter devoted to them, and Rome has more. Other chapters explore themes like sexuality, identity, family secrets, the self fiction creates, ageing, the history of friendships, and a life in which writing has been the centre.

Courtesy of Local Time Publishing


Scott Westerfield, Margo Lanagan, Deborah Bancotti Swarm: Zeroes #2

It’s the holiday season, but the celebration at the Zeroes’ underground nightclub is blown apart when two strangers with new powers take to the dance floor. The Zeroes pursue them, only to discover that they’re fleeing an even more sinister power-wielder, Swarm. Meanwhile the Zeroes also have their own issues to deal with before they can reach the dramatic showdown.

Courtesy of Allen & Unwin


Eowyn Ivey To the Bright Edge of the World

Set in Alaska at the end of the 19th century, this is a story of discovery. Lieutenant Colonel Allen Forrester is charged to navigate Alaska’s hitherto impassable Wolverine River with only a small group of men. Forrester leaves behind his newly pregnant young wife, who does not relish the prospect of a year in a military barracks while her husband carves out a path through the wilderness. Their year apart will demand every ounce of courage and fortitude from both of them.

Courtesy of Tinder Press

Remember, to go in the draw to win these four titles, simply email with ‘SPRING #11’ in the subject line and your name and address in the body of the email by 6pm Thursday 9 November 2017.

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