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Posted on 27 Oct, 2017 in The Godfather: Peter Corris | 1 comment

The Godfather: Peter Corris on electricity

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Eventually the endless media discussion about power prices got to me and, in an idle moment, I fell to counting up the number of sources of electricity and appliances in our relatively spacious one-bedroom flat which is, mercifully, fairly easy to heat and cool. Here is the tally:

5 overhead lights

2 small oil heaters – sparingly used

1 clothes drier likewise

1 washing machine

2 computers

2 lamps

1 television

1 bench-top dishwasher – high efficiency rated

1 toaster

1 oven

1 stove-top

1 microwave oven

1 refrigerator – high efficiency

1 toaster

1 electric jug – frequently used

1 blender – infrequently used

1 hot water unit

1 air-conditioner – sparingly used

(Happily no towel warmers, fans or kitchen waste disposal.)

The total of 25 greatly surprised me. Before adding it up I would have guessed at about a dozen. One of the news reports had someone stressing the more economical use of household power. You’ll have noted that my annotations have been somewhat defensive. I’m known to leave lights burning unnecessarily. This reminds of something I was told by Elizabeth Riddell, then Literary Editor of the Australian, for whom I used write reviews. She said Rupert Murdoch used to go about the News Limited building turning off lights. Perhaps I should take my cue from the Dirty Digger.

1 Comment

  1. Good advice from Elizabeth Riddell re turning off lights. Not leaving appliances, TVs, computers, printers, etc., on standby also good. Apparently electric jugs use enormous amounts of power. Only heat as much as you need and don’t re-heat (which also disperses more oxygen which is bad for tea and coffee!). Ceiling fans actually use relatively little electricity and would spread the heat from the oil heaters. Just got my new power bill and about to do the arithmetic to see what the percentage increase is…and then shop around for an alternative supplier!

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