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Posted on 8 Feb, 2017 in Giveaways & Quizzes | 0 comments

The Great Summer Giveaway 2017 #5

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Only a few weeks of summer left, but plenty of time to read these four great  books … To enter the draw, simply email with SUMMER #5 in the subject line and your name and address in the body of the email by 6pm Thursday 9 February 2017. We cannot afford to post giveaway bundles overseas, so Australian residents only, please.

Sarah Ridout Le Chateau

What really happened at the chateau? When Charlotte regains consciousness after an accident, she finds herself living a stranger’s life. The previous five years are a blank, and her husband, Henri, and daughter, Ada, are strangers. Arriving at their family chateau in southern France, she hopes to regain her memories. Instead she feels isolated and unsettled. Strange events hint at underlying darkness and menace. Charlotte doesn’t know who to trust.

Courtesy of Echo Publishing


Mick Herron Slow Horses

You don’t stop being a spook just because you’re no longer in the game … Banished to Slough House from the ranks of achievers at Regent’s Park for various crimes of drugs and drunkenness, lechery and failure, politics and betrayal, Jackson Lamb’s misfit crew of highly trained joes don’t run ops, they push paper.But not one of them joined the Intelligence Service to be a ‘slow horse’.
A boy is kidnapped and held hostage. His beheading is scheduled for live broadcast on the net.
And whatever the instructions of the Service, the slow horses aren’t going to just sit quiet and watch . . .

Courtesy of Hachette

Jock Serong The Rules of Backyard Cricket

It starts in a suburban backyard with Darren Keefe and his older brother, sons of a fierce and gutsy single mother. The endless glow of summer, the bottomless fury of contest. All the love and hatred in two small bodies poured into the rules of a made-up game. The Rules of Backyard Cricket is a novel of suspense that observes celebrity, masculinity – and humanity.  ‘… a compelling literary novel dissecting toxic sporting culture and its fallout.’ – Paddy O’Reilly, Australian Book Review

Courtesy of Text Publishing

Michelle Cahill Letter to Pessoa

This is the first collection of short stories by Indian-Australian poet Michelle Cahill, portraying a range of complex characters in social and political settings across the world, from Seville to Nairobi, Boston to Chiang Mai, Kathmandu to Kraków.

The collection includes stories in letter form to Jacques Derrida, Virginia Woolf, Jean Genet, and to JM Coetzee from his character Melanie Isaacs.

Courtesy of Giramondo

Don’t forget, all you need to do to enter the draw is email us at by 6pm Thursday 9 February 2017 with SUMMER #5 in the subject line and your name and address in the body of the email. Good luck!

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