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Posted on 27 Jul, 2016 in Giveaways & Quizzes | 0 comments

Ann Turner giveaway

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outoficeWe are giving away a copy of Ann Turner’s Antarctic thriller Out of the Ice. To go in the draw, just email your name and address to with ‘Ann Turner’ in the subject line by 6pm today, 27 July 2016. Australian residents only, please, as we can’t afford overseas postage.

‘…  the great strength of this place-based thriller is its cinematic quality, moving deftly from scene to scene in the vividly realised and dramatic landscapes …’ – Kerryn Goldsworthy

‘The locations leap from the page – whether they are the human habitats (occupied and deserted) or the wildlife colonies.’ – Karen Chisholm

Courtesy of Simon & Schuster

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