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Posted on 23 Mar, 2016 in Giveaways & Quizzes | 0 comments

Easter 2016 Giveaway #2

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Here’s another great bundle of books from the NRB Easter Bunny! To enter the draw, simply email us at by 6pm Thursday 24 March 2016 with  ‘Easter Giveaway #2’ in the subject line and your address in the body of the email. As we cannot afford overseas postage, entries are restricted to Australian residents only.

barryjonesBarry Jones The Shock of Recognition: The books and music that have inspired me

If I knew I was going to die next week but could be taken to see The Marriage of Figaro tonight, would I go? Absolutely.

With no claims to objectivity, Barry Jones writes about the literature and music that have inspired him, encouraging us to expose ourselves to the music of Hildegard of Bingen, Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert, Wagner and Stravinsky and the writings of Chaucer, Dante, Montaigne, Shakespeare – and many more.

Courtesy of Allen & Unwin

riverofinkPaul MM Cooper River of Ink

All Asanka knows is poetry. From his humble village beginnings in the great island kingdom of Lanka, he has risen to the prestigious position of court poet and now delights in his life of ease: composing romantic verses for love-struck courtiers, enjoying the confidence of his king and covertly teaching Sarasi, a beautiful and beguiling palace maid, the secrets of his art.

When Kalinga Magha, a ruthless prince with a formidable army, arrives upon Lanka’s shores, Asanka’s world is changed beyond imagining. Asanka retreats into the shadows, hoping to pass unnoticed by the tyrant. But it seems his new master is a lover of poetry …

Courtesy of Bloomsbury

9781473617865Guinevere Glasfurd The Words In My Hand

This is Helena’s story: a maid who meets and has a relationship with Descartes, a young woman who yearns for knowledge, who wants to write so badly she makes ink from beetroot and water and writes in secret on her skin …

‘Fresh and elegant … a lovely book.’ – Dinah Jefferies

Courtesy of Hodder & Stoughton

9781760290740Sarah Marquis Wild by Nature: From Siberia to Australia, three years alone in the wilderness on foot

In Wild by Nature, Sarah Marquis, a National Geographic explorer, recounts her extraordinary solo hike that took her literally from one end of the planet to the other. Over 1000 days and nights she journeyed through six countries, starting in Siberia and finishing up at a place of special significance for her – a small tree standing alone in the vastness of the Nullarbor Plain in South Australia.

Courtesy of Allen & Unwin

Remember, to enter just email us at by 6pm Thursday 24 March 2016 with ‘Easter Giveaway #2’ in the subject line and your address in the body of the email.

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